2017-Trends in Mobile Navigation for Non-Profits


4 mobile marketing trends for 2017 to follow:-

According to the Mobile Advertising Forecasts study published by Zenith, 75% of the global use of the Internet in 2017 will be via mobile. The Internet will become mobile, and the traditional design you have (a screen, a computer, a keyboard) will be outdated. The share of mobile devices for Internet use has grown steadily over the last five years. In 2012, barely 40% of the web traffic was via desktop search. But the improvement of the interfaces, of the mobiles themselves, and the development of the habit of consulting the Internet on the move now makes the mobiles become the heart of the machine.

Be visible on mobile search

Being visible on mobile search is no longer an option to consider, it is a vital need for your business. Make sure your site is responsive (that is, it automatically adapts to the visitor’s screen resolution). A site that is not responsive in 2017 is exposed to penalties from Google, which clearly indicated favoring websites built to promote the navigation of Internet users from their smartphone. Do not forget that Google is a traffic provider, it is a service to the net surfers. So it cannot afford to bring them to a site that is not suitable for the mobile… It’s up to you to get to the page.

Use Google Analytics to estimate how much of your website traffic is through mobile. If it is not as per the industry trend, then your site may be unsuitable. Elements that appear, bugs, a script that runs in circles. Check out!

Have a fast loading time

Internet users are increasingly mobile, but fewer and fewer patients. When you search your smartphone, you do not want to waste your time. So, as the person in charge of a website, you have to offer a quick navigation. To do this, optimize the loading time.

Google Analytics has set up reports dedicated to the speed of the site. You can see the speed at which your page loads according to different variables. Look at the average loading speed of your pages on smartphones. If your performance is bad, this may explain why your traffic on these devices does not take off.

Have a mobile donation solution

Propose a suitable donation management solution. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube offers to make direct giving solutions, without taking the Internet users to the final site. It is possible to donate via this intermediary.

In the meantime, check the share of your conversions made on mobile. If the number is zero, everything has to be reviewed. If performance does not seem to take off, then think of integrated donor management solutions to engage donors.

Do not neglect social networks

On mobile, users use applications. Among them, social networking applications are among the most popular: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. Watch in Google Analytics the share of traffic that comes from mobile social networks. Be sure to always offer consumable content on mobile. That is to say- visuals, videos, powerful texts that can be easily consumed on mobile.

Do not post the same messages at the same time on all platforms. You risk fatigue. Find a platform-based approach and tone, and monitor your performance with Google Analytics’ social networking reports.

Source by Jayden Coleman

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