Does My Ex Miss Me? 7 Signs They Can’t Stop Thinking About You

ex girlfriend

ex girlfriend

If you have been the recent victim of a breakup, you might be wondering if your ex misses you. Asking yourself, “does my ex miss me?” is often a sign that you aren’t completely over it. There are 7 key ways to tell if your ex misses you – and if you have a chance of ever getting back together.

1) They still contact you

If your ex repeatedly still has contact with you via phone, text, email, or other ways, they are still wanting you. If they had truly moved on in life, they wouldn’t still be thinking about you and wanting to get back together. If you notice repeated texts asking how you are, or what you are up to, from your ex, then chances are they still miss you.

2) Immediate responses to your emails

If you email, phone, or text your ex and they write back right away, chances are that they are missing you just as much as you are missing them. If not, why would they take the time to write back so quickly? They are obviously waiting for your communication and ready to answer you.

3) They bring up the “good times” a lot

If your ex tends to reminisce over the times you shared as a couple, that’s a good sign they miss you. You might hear things like, “remember that time we went to the ice cream place together?” or “remember when we watched Paranormal Activity together?” If your ex brings up the past, chances are they’re still living in it.

4) Drunk calls

Does your ex ever call you drunk? If so, they’re probably thinking about you in the time when they’re unhappily drowning their sorrows in alcohol. And why would they do that? Because they miss you, of course.

5) They get angry for no reason

If you call your ex (or they call you) and seem to just get angry out of the blue, it’s a sign of uncontrolled and unresolved emotions. They still have feelings for you which is why they’re getting angry.

6) They stalk you on Facebook

Notice your ex stalking you on Facebook, leaving messages, or Liking your posts? Probably a sign they still miss you. If you were really broken up and your ex had moved on, they wouldn’t still be looking at your profile or talking to you on Facebook at all – much less stalking you.

This goes for any kind of social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Social media stalking is a sure sign that when you’re asking, “does my ex miss me?” that yes in fact they do.

7) They find random things to talk to you about

Does it seem like your ex spends forever talking about mundane topics like the weather, recent events, or just small talk type of conversations? This is a clear sign that your ex is still invested in your relationship. They’ll spend a lot of time just finding random topics to talk about because there isn’t any other reason to keep you on the phone, now that you aren’t still dating.

These are just a few signs that your ex is thinking about you, missing you, and wanting to get back together with you. It’s your choice whether or not you act on this information.

July 24th, 2017 by